/CPT - Current Procedural Terminology Required for Medical Coding

CPT - Current Procedural Terminology Required for Medical Coding

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Unlock the world of medical coding with CPT - Current Procedural Terminology.


This course provides a comprehensive understanding of the Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes required for medical coding. Students will learn the principles and guidelines for assigning CPT codes accurately, ensuring proper documentation of medical procedures, and facilitating proper reimbursement for healthcare services rendered.

Key Highlights

Understand the fundamentals of Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes

Learn the rules and guidelines for accurate CPT code assignment

Develop skills to ensure correct documentation of medical procedures

Gain knowledge about medical coding best practices

Prepare for a career in medical coding and billing

What you will learn

Comprehensive Learning Outcomes

Acquire in-depth knowledge of CPT codes and their application in medical coding.

Accurate CPT Code Assignment

Master the rules and guidelines for correctly assigning CPT codes based on medical procedures.

Proper Documentation Skills

Develop the skills to ensure accurate and appropriate documentation of medical procedures.

Best Practices in Medical Coding

Learn about industry best practices to ensure compliance and maximize reimbursement.

Career Preparation

Prepare for a successful career in medical coding and billing with a deep understanding of CPT codes.


Introduction to Current Procedural Terminology (CPT)

CPT Modifiers

34 attachments • 2 hrs

Modifiers course Introduction to modifiers

Modifiers course What you will learn in this course-1

Modifiers course List of modifiers-3

Modifiers course 22 modifier

Modifiers course 23 modifier

Modifiers course 24 modifier

Modifiers course 25 modifier



Modifier 27


Modifier 33

Modifiers course 47 modifier

Modifiers course 50 modifier

Modifiers course 51 modifier

Modifiers course 52 modifier

Modifiers course 53 modifier

Modifiers course 54,55 and 56 modifier

Modifiers course 57 modifier

Modifiers course 58 modifier

Modifiers course 59 modifier

Modifiers course 62 modifier

Modifiers course 63 modifier

Modifiers course 66 modifier

Modifiers course 73,74 modifier

Modifiers course 76 modifier

Modifiers course 77 modifier

Modifier 78

Modifier 79

Modifier 80,81 and 82





Modifier-96,97 and 99

CPT Code Categories and Sections

175 attachments • 25 hrs

CPT - Current Procedural Terminology - Classes Introduction

ASA Introduction

ASA Class-1

ASA Class-2

ASA Class-3


ASA Class-4

ASA Class-5

ASA Class-6

ASA Class-7

ASA Class-8

ASA Class-9

ASA Scenarios

Surgery codes


Trimming and Debridement Nails-11719,11720,11721

Respiratory system surgery introduction

Resection of pericardial cyst

Pilonidal cyst 11770-11772

Pericardial Drianage Procedures-33017,33018,33019


Musculoskeleton Introduction

Musculoskeleton CPC questions

Male and Female genital system introduction

Introduction procedures on penis procedures

Intracardiac Tumors-33120

Integumentary CPC Questions

Incision procedure of Penis 2

I and D of Penis

Digestive system Introduction

Chemical Cauterisation of Granulation tissue

Cardiology procedure-1

Arterial grafts for CABG


Abscess or Hematoma Nasal class-1

Fracture treatments splint Class-3

Fracture treatments Class-2

Fracture treatments Class-1

Excision procedures1

Excision of Malignant Lesion

Excision of Intrcardiac tumors-33120

Excision of External cardiac tumors

Excision of Benign Lesions

Epistaxis Class-2

Destruction of premalignant lesions 17000-17004

Destruction of Lesion on penis

Destruction of benign

CPT-Tissue Expander-11960-11980

CPT--Simple Repair-12001-12018

CPT-Intermediate and complex-2

CPT-Inter and complex repair

CPT-Drug delivery implant-11981-11983


CPT-19316 and 19318

CPT-19305,19306 and 19307


CPT-19301 and 19302

CPT-19125 and 19126

CPT-19112 and 19120

CPT-19105 and 19110

CPT-19101 & 19281-19286



CPT-19000-19030 Aspiration, Injection and Drainage Procedures of Breast

CPT-11900 Introduction and Removal procedures


Biopsy of penis-54100

Biopsy of penis- 54105

Biopsy of penis- 54100

Biopsy of Lip

Avulsion and Evacuation-11730,11732 and 11740

60210 lobectomy

60100,60200-Biopsy and Excision of cyst

60000 - Incision and Drainage of Thyroglossal cyst




56420 and 56440

56405-I and D abscess of vulva

54110-Excision of Penile Plaque

20200-20206 Biopsy

20100-20103 Wound exploration

10030-10036 Introduction and Removal Procedures on the Skin, Subcutaneous and Accessory Structures

Integumentary introduction

CPT-Incision and Drainage of Hematoma, Seroma or fluid collection

CPT-Debridement - 11010, 11011, 11012

CPT-11200-11201 Removal of Skin Tags Procedures

CPT- Incision and Drainage of postoperative infection _ 10180

CPT - Puncture aspiration of Abscess, Hematoma , Bulla or cyst _ 10160

CPT - Integumentary Procedure - Acne Surgery ( CPT code - 10040 )

CPT - Incision and removal of foreign Body _10020 & 10021

CPT - Incision and Drainage of Simple Abscess ( CPT code - 10060 )

CPT - Incision and Drainage of Pilonoidal cyst _ 10080 & 10081

CPT - Incision and Drainage of Complicated Abscess ( CPT code - 10061

CPT - Debridement Procedures on skin _ 11042, 11043 and 11044

CPT - Debridement of necrotizing soft tissue infection; abdominal wall

CPT - Debridement of extensive eczematous_ 11000 , 11001

CPT - Debridement for soft tissue infection; external genitalia and peri

CPT - Current Procedural Terminology - Fine Needle Aspiration - Class 1

CPT - Current Procedural Terminology - Classes Introduction

CPT - 11300-11313 Shaving of Epidermal or Dermal Lesions Procedures

CPT - 11055-11057 Paring or Cutting Procedures on the Skin

4000 Digestive-1

4000 Digestive-2

4000 Digestive-3

4000 Digestive-4

4000 Digestive-5

4000 Digestive-6

4000 Digestive-7-repair

4000 Digestive-8-repair cleft

4000 Digestive-9 cleft repair

4000 Digestive-10 biopsy vestuble

4000 Digestive-11 excision of lesion simple,com

4000 Digestive-12 40818 Excision of mucosa of vestibule of mouth as donor graft

4000 Digestive-13

4000 Digestive-14

4000 Digestive-15

4000 Digestive-16

4000 Digestive-17

4000 Digestive-18

4000 Digestive-19

4000-Digestive 20

4000-Digestive 21

4000-Digestive 22

4000-Digestive 23

4000-Digestive 24

4000-Digestive 25

4000-Digestive 26

4000-Digestive 27

4000-Digestive 28

4000-Digestive 29 edit

4000-Digestive 30

4000-Digestive 31

4000-Digestive 32

4000-Digestive 33

4000-Digestive 34

4000-Digestive 35

4000-Digestive 36 edit

4000-Digestive 37

4000-Digestive 38

4000-Digestive 39

4000-Digestive 40

4000-Digestive 41

4000-Digestive 42

4000-Digestive 43

4000-Digestive 44

4000-Digestive 45









59000, 59001






60000 Nervous-1 ed

60000 Nervous-2

60000 Nervous-3

60000 Nervous-4

60000 Nervous-5

60000 Nervous-6

60000 Nervous-7

60000 Nervous-8

60000 Nervous-10 scenarios

60000 Nervous-starting of endocrine -11

60000 Nervous-starting of endocrine -12

60000 Nervous-starting of endocrine -13

70000-Radiology 1

70000-Radiology -2

70000-Radiology 3

80000 path and lab -1

80000 path and lab -2

80000 path and lab -3

CPC Questions

14 attachments • 59.86 mins

CPC Class-1

CPC Class-2

CPC Class-3

CPC Class-4

CPC Class-5

CPC Class-6

CPC Class-7

CPC Class-8

CPC Class-9

CPC Class-10

CPC Class-11

CPC Class-12

CPC Class-13

CPC Class-14


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