Manual Testing for Beginners – Agile Scrum Process

Agile Scrum Process:

In general, Agile model have some sub models (or) flavors like shown below:

  •  Scrum
  •  Extreme programming
  •  Adaptive software development (ASD)
  •  Dynamic system development method (DSDM)


In above sub models scrum model is  famous.

Roles in Scrum:

  •  Customers and stakeholders
  •  CEO
  •  PO (Product Owner)
  •  Scrum master
  •  Scrum Team ( Developers and testers)


Ceremonies in Scrum:

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Artifacts in Scrum:

  • Product Backlog (ALL User Stories)
  • Sprint Backlog ( some user stories)
  • Unit test cases and data
  • Integration test case and data
  • Sprint test scenarios and cases and data.
  • Defect reports.
  • Review reports
  • Traceability matrix
  • Sprint Burn down Chart


Roles – People Included

Ceremonies – Meetings

Artifacts –  Documents


Manual Testing for Beginners – Agile Scrum Process



Customer and Stakeholders Responsibilities:

From the Agile model, customer and stakeholders can provide requirements of them to software company. And they are responsible to trace status of software company work on daily basis.


Product Owner Responsibilities:

  •  Define the features of the software.
  • Decide on release date and content.
  •  Be responsible for the profitability of the product. ( Return on Investment ROI).
  •  Prioritize features according to market value.
  •  Adjust features and priority every iteration as needed.
  •  Accept or Reject work results.


Scrum Master Responsibilities:

  •  Represents management to the project.
  •  Responsible for enacting scrum values and practices.
  •  Removes impediments.
  •  Ensure that the team is fully functional and productive.
  • Enable close cooperation across all roles and functions.
  •  Shield the team from external interference’s.


Scrum Team Developers Responsibilities:

  •  Programmers of Scrum team can finish HLD and LLD’s of Sprint and they are responsible for coding, unit testing, Integration, Integration testing, Sprint release to testers and bug fixing.


Scrum Team Testers Responsibilities:

  •   QA Testers are responsible for understanding spring log user stories and prepare test scenarios and cases. They are responsible for test execution , test automation, defects reporting and bugs closing.


Ceremonies one by one we will see in the next article.





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