Locating Elements in Web Pages – Selenium Training


Locating Elements in Web Pages – Selenium Training


One website means a set of interlinked web pages. Every web page is having multiple elements like test boxes, images, drop down links , radio buttons, check boxes, links , tables, buttons , tool tips,,, etc.


To automate these elements System-Wide Defects (SWD) can support 8 types of locators.

  • By.name ( “value” )
  • By.id (“value”)
  • By.className (“value”)
  • By.cssSelector (“value”)
  • By.xpath (“value”)
  • By.linkText (“value”)
  • By.tagName (“value”)
  • By.partiallinkText (“value”)

In above 8 types of locator , value is mandatory. To get those values , we need an inspector . Firebug is add in to Firefox browser and  it can work like inspector.


Navigation :

  • Open FF browser
  • Click menu icon ( right corner)
  • Click add-ons
  • Enter  firebug in search box
  • Click search
  • Click install for firebug
  • Restart Firefox browser after installation .


Firebug pointer icon is useful to get source code of specified element. From that source code, we are able to get values for name, id, class name ,tag name, X path.

Example :

  • Launch mercury tours site
  • Click register link
  • Fill fields in registration page
  • Click submit
  • Close site


In this article we have seen Locating Elements in Web Pages – Selenium Training – Selenium Training . In the next article will see the Examples of Scripts for Automation.



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