Defect Report Format in IEEE 829 – Manual Testing Training


Defect Report Format in IEEE 829 – Manual Testing Training


g)  Defect Report Format in IEEE 829:


  1. Defect ID :

Unique number or name.


  1. Defect description :

About defect.


  1. Sprint build version number :

Version number of sprint build in which build this defect was defected .


  1. Feature :

Name of module in which module this defect was detected.


  1. Failed test case :

ID of failed scenarios and cases in which case execution this defect was found.


  1. Severity :

The seriousness of defect w.r.t tester

High/ critical/ show stopper–> Not able to continue further testing  unit fix this defect.

Medium / Major –> Able to continue further testing , but mandatory to fix defect.

low/ Minor –>  Able to continue further testing and may or may not to fix defect.


  1. Priority:

The importance to fix this defect w.r.t  customer high , medium , low.


  1. Test environment :

Information of used hardware and software while detecting this defect.


  1. Reproducible :

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  1. If yes , attach test case document.


  1. If no, attach test cases document and sprint screen shot , which show defect.


  1. Status :

New –> Reporting first time.

Reopen–> Re-reporting  .


  1. detected by:

name of the tester.


  1. Detected on :

Date and time for reporting.


  1. Assigned to :

Name of developer.


  1. Suggested fix (optimal) :

Suggestions to fix this defect.


Note 1 :

Ms- excel/ open office excel is better software to prepare defect report by testers.


Note 2 :

Ms-outlook / lotus notes is the best software to forward defect report to developer and CC to PO, SM , SH as an email.



In this article we have seen Defect Report Format in IEEE 829 – Manual Testing Training . In the next article will see Defect Tracking Process, Test case related defect fixing, Test data related defect fixing, Test environment related defect fixing, Coding related defect or bug fixing, Bug life cycle ( BLC), and Test Cycle vs Bug age.









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