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               What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing  is a part of marketing, suppose if you want to do marketing for your product then how you will do that? 

You can give an ad on TV, newspaper, website or on your youtube channel  and also you can distribute pamphlet and many other ways are there in the market.

Whenever you choose a medium to promote it digitally then that is known as digital marketing.

Then, what is digital channel?

Digital channel means youtube ads, google ads, website promotion basically you can track all the data how many of them are coming to your website how many clicked on the links etc..

In traditional marketing you cannot track the data whether how many of them have seen your pamphlet or the ad on newspaper but coming to digital marketing everything is available with the statistics.

Whenever you give an ad on google Ads then it will ask for the related data to be entered so that you can target only those people whom you think they are the right persons to target and get the conversion rate high.

When placing a google Ad it will ask for the target location, age group and other things like are interests, gender and many other features so you can target to that particular people.

And they are many things to do to get our website ranking  in google search.

Will know about SEO,SMO,SEM,SMM and other social sites and how to do our promotions and ad campaigns to get on top in google search engine.

To check the statistics we have analytics and to index our pages by google we have  to submit our site to Google webmaster tools and there are many other tools which are helpful to track website ranking and traffic.

Nowadays, there is huge scope for Digital Marketing.

Changes in new Technologies and Internet is accessible to everyone in this generation everyone is looking for Digital Platforms so that they can reach more people and get the conversions high.

In coming years there are more jobs on Digital Marketing, they are only a less number of people are in this field but the companies requirement is very high.

So, this is the basic of Digital Marketing in our next articles will learn more about other channels in digital marketing.


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